10 Easy Ways To Engage With Followers On Social Media


"While many are focused on gaining MORE followers, I can't stress enough the importance of engaging with the followers you already have."

Ahh, social media: so many rules, so many guidelines! The algorithms of most social media platforms are going to favor accounts with more engagement. I.E accounts with lots of comments, likes, video views, etc. So while many are focused on gaining MORE followers, I can't stress enough the importance of engaging with the followers you already have. This not only boosts your account in peoples feeds and searches, it also builds a loyal following!

And social media will always be about quality over quantity.

A quality following/squad/tribe/community, what have you, will engage, support, and share your content! The customer service motto, "It's cheaper to keep a customer than to market to a new one" also applies to social media. Take care of the followers you already have, and you will surely see growth, make some great friends, and see dolla$$! 

Here are 10 Easy Ways to Engage With Followers On Social Media!

1. Keep It Short And Simple. Create content that is attention grabbing, and to the point. You have about 2-5 seconds to start engagement while followers are scrolling down their feed. Make it worth it! 

2. 80/20 Rule. People do not want to feel like they're being sold to. Even if they are being sold to. And because buying is emotional, it's important for there to be a balance. The rule of thumb is 80% social post, and 20% sales and offers! This builds credibility, trust, relationships, and when the time is right, they will buy! 80/20 doesn't work for everyone's goals, but remember that a ton of selling post are likely to turn people off!

3. Post no more than 1-2x per day. This is the sweet spot for most algorithms and will not overwhelm your following. There are some platforms and occasions (like promos, announcements, etc) when posting more is appropriate, but for the most part, you do not want to annoy your followers. Again, quality over quantity! 

4. Stories and Live! Facebook and Instagram both have the ability to post stories and go live. YAY! This is one of my favorite ways to engage because a video is proven to be more engaging than a picture, andddd it's great for creating 1:1 conversations! I get DMs all the time about my IG stories, and I love getting to know everyone! So many options for the features, but I think my favorites are BTS or Behind-The-Scenes clips, and just my day to day life. Fun areas in my city, hobbies, restaurants, etc. These are great for building credibility and showing your following that you are a real person!

5. Create an Instagram Hashtag. Brand yourself! I may not be a hit right away, but if you use it frequently enough people will associate your brand with that hashtag! This is a great way to track who is engaging and making sure your business catering to their needs! 

6. Get Personal. Social Media has definitely helped us to deviate from the stuffy marketing tactics. We are our brand. We are selling ourselves, and in turn attracting our tribe. That being said; it's OK and actually, it is encouraged to be yourself and get personal. Missed a deadline? Had a bad day? Made a mistake? Had a GREAT day? Whats your why? Why do you do what you do? People crave authenticity in an over saturated sea of "perfection."

7. Call To Actions or CTA's. Sometimes, all you gotta do is ask! Want people to read your blog? Ask! Want them to sign up for your free course? Ask! My favorite way to do this is by doing a BTS "story" and then asking my followers to click the link for the product/service, and THEN I ask them to tell me what they think. Ask as if you're talking to friends or family, people like knowing that they're opinion matters and you care about your followers!

8. Ask Questions. This is perfect for building engagement! Similar to CTA's above, but this creates a direct dialogue. Questions like, "What's your favorite place to visit during fall?" or "How often do you use X and Y product?" We all love talking about ourselves! It may take a few times, but this is one of the easiest ways to directly engage with your audience and get your comment section flowing! 

9. Start One on One Conversations. Social Media is meant to be SOCIAL. I love commenting on others stories, and posts! And after an initial conversation it typically becomes a regular occurrence where we are comfortable direct messaging, and eventually, they can turn into a customer/client! Social media networking is one of my all time favorites! 

10. Get involved in groups and communities. GET INVOLVED. Make your business relevant and establish yourself as the expert. Connect with others in your industry. Share your content!


Happy Socializing! 

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