What YOU might be doing wrong on Instagram

If you know us, you know that we LOVE Instagram. I promise we are not being dramatic by saying this, we seriously LOVE Instagram!
Yes. Even when our likes are down because of algorithm changes.
Yes. Even when our follower count keeps going up and way downnnn (could care less).

There has been a drop in engagement with a few of our client's accounts over the last couple of weeks and we noticed others talking about seeing the change on their account as well. This is a similar drop that we saw at the end of 2016. So why is there such a huge drop in engagement? One big reason is that Instagram, being amazing like we say they are, is cracking down on automated services. So if you use a program to automatically like and comment for you, your account can be shut down because Instagram is making these programs shut down their service as well.

Another big reason is probably YOU. Yes you, with the goal of gaining thousands of Instagram followers and that's it. You are the problem.


So what are you doing wrong on Instagram?



1. You stopped engaging with accounts you follow

Ask yourself how often are you going through engaging with the accounts that you follow. Is it once a day, once a week, or never?

You have to take the time to engage with these accounts for retention. Instagram has limits to the amount of likes, comments, follows/unfollows you are allowed each hour, so it is best to dedicate an hour or two solely engaging with accounts that you follow and then an hour or two doing it for new accounts. 

2. You aren't bringing your audience value

You are taught to ask for the sale and you definitely should! But, stop asking for it every time you show your presence on Instagram.

Teach your followers new things! If you're a photographer, post your favorite hacks or how you editing an image from something so simple, to something so beautiful. Posting your portfolio and offerings is so important, but you also want to make sure your adding value, building trust, and establishing your unique expertise. 


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Tyler Jackson