Why Your Restaurant Needs To Be Online

There are many ways to market your business if you are a restaurant owner, one of the best ways being..you guessed it..online! So during this article I'll tell you the WHY and the HOW. 

Your Website:


Where is the first place someone goes when someone tells them about a great restaurant? Or when they're trying to decided what to eat? The Internet! Your website isn't only your opportunity to showcase your business, its where people will decide if its a place they want to visit, look at your menu, check out reviews!


  • Grab peoples attention with quality images and create the atmosphere as soon as they visit your site! Images of food, and maybe the setting are both great examples of quality..attention grabbing content!
  • Any press you receive should be highlighted.
  • Having a website that is easy to navigate and updated regularly is very important as well. People like to know that they can locate your menu online to see exactly what you offer and have an idea of what they want when they arrive..even though we know it will still take 30+ minutes to order. :)




Everyone uses social media now, my grandmother has a Facebook andddd an Instagram! With social media being accessible to everyone on so many devices, restaurant owners should absolutely adapt to this for increased visibility. For example, we know how people loveeeee taking pictures of their food and posting them on Instagram and Facebook, so why not use that to your advantage? Create a signature hashtag, and use these photos as content you can post and also shout out your customers! Doing this is a really fun way to build relationships, and increase word of mouth, the BEST type of marketing! I am a TRUE, bonafide, FOODIE, and when I really love a place I let the worrrrrld know.

My favorite example of receiving above and beyond customer service on a social media/online platform was when I tried Scotty's BBQ joint in Austin! It was AH-MAZ-ING y'all. *I'm imagining the delicious creamed corn and ribs right now.* So I left a review on how amazing the food was on the restaurants Facebook page, and the owner himself replied to me and we had a conversation back and forth and he told me to ask for him the next time I visited the restaurant. That small gesture made me love the place even more and I can not wait to get back to Austin to try it again!

Now that I have you craving BBQ, I want you to really think about my experience and why I would return to that restaurant because of the combination of stellar food and my experience with the manager via Facebook.


  • Interact on social media. When you address every comment left with a simple "thank you for visiting, we hope to see you again!" or "I am so sorry things were not to your liking, let me offer you [blank] for the inconvenience." This builds current and FUTURE customer trust.
  • Posting images daily. People are drawn in when they see a picture of your food while scrolling through social media. Hot summer day, and you have drink specials? I'm there! 
These are just a couple of online marketing methods for your restaurant to focus on. Remember; consistency is KEY, and when it comes to the online world, out of site, out of mind! 

Do you need help increasing your restaurant visibility or managing your social media accounts? We'd love to help! Contact us here for more info!