Googeable: How to Gain IG followers

Alright ladies and gents, I am going to keep this sweet, short and to the point because enough is enough!

A HUGE Google trend right now is "How to gain Instagram followers". Everyone wants to have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram right? This is because many people believe, number of followers = more money for their business. In one of the Facebook groups that I am a member of, I saw a man post that for $5 he could get someone 1000 followers. The post had over 200 comments with people's emails wanting this service. So this guy made over $1000 in a couple of hours promising people all of these followers. Just imagine how many other groups he did this same post in! The craziest part of it all, no one asked him where these followers were coming from. No one cared if these were REAL, organic followers. Most people asked if they could spend $20 and get 4000 followers *major side eye*

{the same people who sell these products are the same people who have Instagram accounts that spam you with "follow for follow" or "Keep it up!" comments. These are not organic leads.} 

These followers will not buy anything you are selling. We all know how much work it takes running a business and that social media is so important. Claims like these are so tempting to entrepreneurs who don't have time to be consist and interact with ideal clients on social media but it is not the solution. There is no quick fix to gaining organic followers. If someone tells you there is, RUN in the other direction! You can have 10,000 followers and have only 10 followers purchase what you're selling. Sounds crazy right? But it is so true! 

Building a huge Instagram following should not be the focus of your presence on Instagram. Finding your ideal clients should be your goal. This is super easy after you figure out who your target market is, and learn how to market on social media. Hiring a social media expert to run your social media accounts can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Someone who knows how to find your ideal customer and interact with them to build your brand's trust. Someone who is as passionate about your business as you are and knows how to build organic Instagram followers.

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