How to Network On Social Media


The internet and Social Media has completely changed the game when it comes to building relationships in your business! I know entrepreneurs that are having services booked, and workshop tickets sold to buyers across the WORLD... how amazing is that?? For that reason, one of our favorite ways to build clientele is networking via Social Media. 


Initially, we just wanted to learn as MUCH as we could from other business owners and creatives; but it soon became a way to get advice, bounce ideas off of one another, motivate each other, and BUILD OUR BUSINESS. 

Want to know how? Keep reading.....


Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of our FAVORITE ways to build business relationships and network on social media. There are a crazy amount of Facebook groups for entrepreneurs to build relationships and find one another in all industries! These groups are also a great place where entrepreneurs can discuss everything business related that you may feel like you can't discuss to your spouse or family members. Here are some key ways to network using Facebook Groups:

Interact. Take the time to answer questions, share your opinion, and get to know the other members on the regular only takes a few minutes and you're on Facebook anyway, so why not use it to do something positive for your business?? People WILL notice you and remember you when they, or someone they know, is in the market for your services. 

Build your credibility. When I see a question pertaining to anything social media, I am jumping on it. Why? It builds my credibility in my field. I get to help my fellow creatives, and guess what? Someone that is watching just might need our services! That leads to a conversation and potential customers!  

Make Friends. Yes. I have a ton of Social Media friends I have never met in real life that help me a TON in my business everyday! These groups keep you up-to-date on the best software, changes, products and methods. They keep you motivated and inspired. So it's not out of the ordinary to build relationships! Don't be afraid to inbox someone and start a conversation, sometimes it leads nowhere, and sometimes they become one of your greatest allies in this entrepreneur hustle!

Share your work. The biggest rule in most or all of these Facebook groups is that it is not just a platform to post your website and offerings everyday...and no one wants to be THAT person. Buttttt, sometimes you're allowed to showcase your work and sell you products/services. Use this to your advantage!! They might not need your services today, but the may know someone that does. 




We probably have access to even more people via Instagram! It's a little easier to interact because you don't have to join a group or send a friend request. Here are our favorites methods of networking on Instagram: 

Instagram Pods. IG pods are groups of people who are committed to raising engagement on each others posts. Pods are not only great help with the growth of your Instagram account, but if they are filled with the right entrepreneurs you will learn so much! Choose your pod wisely, you want your pod to consist of entrepreneurs that you can not only relate to, but that are also able to teach you. Your pod members should be people who are really committed to taking the time and showing your posts love daily and you have to do the same for theirs. We are currently in an AWESOME pod and the women that we get to learn from are all amazing. We have had growth in our business and, overall personal growth from being in this pod. 

Hashtags. We. Love. Hashtags. Use hashtags to search for people you'd like to network with. Whether that be someone that could be a client, ie; #SmallBiz or someone you could learn from #BAUCE! They key is to build a genuine relationship. (Because don't we all hate when someone adds us and immediately sends us a dm to try and sell something??) Try to really build a relationship; comment on post, reply to stories, interact, and go from there!


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