4 Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram

We LOVE our Instagram page because it really stays true to our personal style. What colors do you want for your Instagram?

We LOVE our Instagram page because it really stays true to our personal style. What colors do you want for your Instagram?

It is a pretty well known fact that the internet and social media have taken over, so why not use it to your advantage and grow you business for FREE???? Yes, FREE visibility is out there for you, and one of our favorite platforms is on Instagram! There are over 600 million active users on Instagram and with that number growing. Here are 4 ways to grow your business on The "Gram."  

1. Theme

The way your Instagram looks when someone comes across your page is so important! A well organized theme is inviting and it really shows a potential customer why they should follow you. Planoly is the perfect app to plan out your Instagram page so that it is all one cohesive theme. With Planoly you can move around pictures until you like how they will look on your Instagram and it also allows you to schedule when you want to post these pictures. Grum is another really good app similar to Planoly. You can upload pictures from your computer and they will publish on your Instagram when you want them to! Sticking with the colors in your logo is the best way to really establish yourself as a brand on Instagram. For example, our logo is black and white and we played with our theme being black and white with pops of color. We found that the pops of color were not consistent enough to work for our vision, so we went back to the drawing board, and kept it simple with black, white, and a grey and white marble pattern and we LOVE looking at our page now.

2. Hashtags

#Hashtags! Hashtags may be a little annoying when you see them scattered throughout someones caption, but they can help your social media following and business grow like WOAH. Instagram is also always changing the way they do things. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags. Lately, many people have seen less engagements from hashtags. Good advice 6 months ago was to use all 30 hashtags at peak times everyday. Now, there has been chatter that Instagram has made it to where the less hashtags the better 4 days out of the week. The other 3 days are the days where you should use all 30 hashtags for the most exposure. The biggest con with using hashtags, is the spam accounts that will comment things like "Nice" and "Keep it up!" under any picture (how annoying). To lessen this from happening use a mix of hashtags that have between 100,000- 1 million results when you search for it on Instagram and hashtags with over 1 million results. You will still get the annoying "bot" comments here and there, but you will get real organic people who will want to buy what you are selling. 

EDIT: Instagram has been shutting down automated services left and right! This is a GREAT thing guys, but it may be the reason why you have seen a decrease in engagement on your Instagram page. Real followers takes time and consistency. Searching hashtags that align with your industry will help you find people you really want to follow and that will want to buy your services or products. Do this for at least an hour straight a day and you will see growth. Don't have the time? Contact us today!

3. Audience 

Who is your ideal customer? Who do you see buying your product? Once you answer these questions you will be able to find these people on Instagram. For example say you have a makeup company. Take a look at major makeup brands and you will see how they build their client base. Companies know that people love to see a product being used, so these makeup brands share swatches and they send new products to makeup gurus who have a large following and give their opinion of the makeup. Show how your products or services are working well for others and more customers will come. 

4. Consistency

Finally, be consistent! Consistency let's your present and future followers know that you are a serious business that cares about it's customers. Post at least once a day. More if you have time. Also engage with your followers. Comment on their pictures and reply to any comments that they leave on yours. When you start being consistent, customers will get on Instagram just to look at what you posted that day. Just think of one of your favorite Instagram accounts. It is probably someone that you trust even though you don't really know them right? Zig Ziglar said "If people like you then they will listen to you. But if they TRUST you, they'll do business with you." This is 100% true! 

Use these 4 tips, and you'll grow your business on Instagram before you know it!